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 At the Division of Planning, we believe that coordinating policy, aiming to take action, operating task, supporting unity, and leading to the development is the strategy to success.

 Expectations of the Graduates in the Academic Years 2007-2008 Towards Mahasarakham University.
 Knowledge and traffic behavior of Mahasarakham University students.
 Needs for Enrollment in Higher Education of Pre-University Level Students in Northeastern Region, Thailand
 Traits of the qualified graduates as stated by the entrepreneurs in the Northeast.
 Operation of Moral and Ethical Promotion for Mahasarakham University’s Students.
 Opinions of Mahasarakham University’s Staff and Students Towards University’s Landscape Improvement (Khamriang Campus).
 Image of Mahasarakham University in the Views of Educational Administrators in Northeastern Region, Thailand.
 Attitudes of Surrounding Communities towards Mahasarakham University.
 The students’ interest of courses in the general education subject program, Mahasarakham University.
 Opinions and Expectations of Local Leaders About the Roles of Mahasarakham University.
 Attitude of Student Toward instructor Mahasarakham University.
 Emotional intelligence in the undergraduate students, Mahasarakham University : in Academic Year 2007.
 Mahasarakham University’s satisfaction with the social roles in 2008.
 Classroom Management to Promote Learner-Centeredness of Mahasarakham University Lecturers in the Academic Year 2008.
 Dream Canteens of Students and Personnel in Mahasarakham University.
 The Follow Ups and Assessment of Supporting Admimistrators Having Completed the Mahasarakham University Potential Development Curriculum Group 1 and Group 2.
 International Student satisfaction Survey in Studying at MSU. Year 2552.
 The Needs for Further Studies at Higher Education Institutions in Northeast Thailand.
 Counseling Needs of First-Year Students Living in Mahasarakham University Dormitory.
 Supporting Personnel’s Opinions about the Effectiveness of Purchasing System in the Form of One Stop Service of Divisions at the President Office of Mahasarakham University.
 Factors Affecting the Estimation of Medium Term Expenditure Framework of Mahasarakham University.
 Model of Income Budget Management of Mahasarakham University : Case of Transfer and Change Budget.
 Study of Social, Economic, and Cultural Changes of Yo Communities in Thakhonyang Village, Thakhonyang Sub-district, Kantharawichai District, Maha Sarakham Province: A Case Study of Mahasarakham University’s Educational Expansion.
 Governance and Management of Mahasarakham University.
 Health Risk Behaviors of Students at Mahasarakham University.
 Undergraduate Students’ Opinion towards Living in Mahasarakham University Network Dormitory.
 Variables Correlating with the Effectiveness of Mahasarakham University Personnel.
 The Correlation Among the Quality of Working Life, Self Adaptation to Excellence, and Organizational Bonding of Personnel at Mahasarakham University.
 The Importance of Competency Affecting Working Efficiency of Budget Staff, Mahasarakham University.
 Image of Mahasarakham University from Viewpoints of Maha Sarakham Citizens
 Evaluation of a realistic budget management of Mahasarakham University
 Factors Affecting the Estimation of Medium Term Expenditure Framework of Mahasarakham University
 The participatory needs of the support side personnel in development Mahararakham University


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