Philosophy / Vision / Mission / Values Organization / Strategy


       “ Coordinate policy spread to practice. International Quality Improvement “


       “ Encourage and support the University’s policies by systematically analyzing and planning for excellence. “


      “ Expertise in resource management and development of modern information. “

      Explanation :

      Resource management expertise means the management of budget and power planning. Achieve effective results.

      Development of modern information means data analysis. Development of information system And the database to be up-to-date and effective.


       Make a data analysis plan. Allocate resources And development of information systems. In management efficiently


       “ PLAN ”

               P – Professional = มืออาชีพ
               L – Learning = การเรียนรู้
               A-Accountability = ความรับผิดชอบ
               N – Network = เครือข่ายการทำงาน


       Strategic Planning Division
Strategy 1 develops the planning process. Manage resources and information to meet standards. Support the mission of the university.
Strategy 2: Develop an internal management system that complies with good governance principles.




1. Develop planning process Manage resources and information to meet university standards.

1.1 Planning process Manage risk and monitor effective evaluation.

1.1.1 Develop effective planning and monitoring processes.

1.1.2 Develop systems and mechanisms for risk management and internal control.

1.2 Has a standardized resource management process.

1.2.1 Develop a system and mechanisms for effective budget management.

1.2.2 Set measures for university financial security.

1.2.3 Develop effective capacity allocation process.

1.3 The data warehouse covers all aspects of the mission and standards.

1.3.1 Develop information that covers the mission of the university.

1.3.2 Prepare data according to the standard of higher education.

1.4 Has a standardized information system to support management.

1.1.4 Development of information systems And monitoring information evaluation. To use the management.

2. Develop an internal management system that complies with good governance principles.

2.1 Management system in accordance with good management principles.

2.1.1 Support measures to reduce expenses.

2.1.2 Develop a quality system that responds to effective operations.

2.1.3 Create or develop a work for innovation in the workplace.

2.1.4 Improve and develop the agency’s website.

2.2 Personnel have the potential for management / operation.

2.2.1 Developing human resource development system and mechanism.

2.2.2 Initiate and develop personnel to write the work to. Get Higher Position

Saving policy Energy Planning Division

1. Opening hours: 10.00 am – 11.00 am Air time:
2. Turn off the lights during lunch break 12 am – 1 pm.
3. Turn off the computer screen for a long period of time, such as during lunch break.
4. Tool Center (Material – office supplies) to share.